Calibration Services in Houston TX, Tyler TX and across East Texas

Here at WeldCal, we maintain a firm commitment to providing the highest quality services to you, the customer. Our largest area of specialty lies in welding machine calibrations – provided on or off site!

Why calibrate?

Simple: you want to keep your customers. Improperly-maintained test equipment can cost you the trust and business of your customers. Avoid unnecessary downtime. Prevent costly problems and keep your equipment in pristine condition by calibrating it regularly.

Correctly performed calibration increases productivity, optimizes resources, and assures consistency, comparability and compatibility of products and services, as well as their acceptability anywhere in the world.

The main reason for calibration is that even the best instruments drift and lose their ability to give accurate measurements. This drift makes calibration necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of regular welding machine calibrations:

WeldCal offers the fastest possible turnarounds (typically 3-5 days) on our calibrations so that your downtime is minimized.

Our calibration test equipment is ISO 17025 certified.

All our calibrations come with a test report for your equipment as well as a copy of our equipment's certificate of calibration.

Along with welding machine calibrations, WeldCal LLC can offer welding equipment maintenance and repair services. If repair is not the most economical solution, WeldCal LLC can offer new or used equipment to your company for purchase. Please see our sales page.